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 I have been selected for Pinea Linea de Costa residency, a month long, in August 2019. I contribute it to successful proposal writing. Among other elements it included a project and workshop description, that went as follows:

“My practice is focused on representation of women, and I have very particular personal way of collecting archival photos that later become a wellspring for my practice. I do not use online resources - I seek for orphan images in the city where I was born or during my travels. I would like to dedicate initial part of residency to familiarising myself with local community and history, and searching for visual presence and traces of women in the town of Rota, particularly if they not in the spotlight. I intend this research to become the origin of new works.

In accordance to this approach I would like to propose the workshop for the local community that would focus on family identity and making visual works informed by family memorabilia. Ideally my workshop would be addressed to adults/ young adults with particular encouragement for women to take part. As the theoretical introduction I would talk about a woman being a bearer of the story in relation to Ursula le Guin essay “The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction”. I can demonstrate different techniques and I would be confident that participants can take home a 2D work that might be constructed around painting, drawing/ embroidery and printmaking - the location of the residency creates the perfect opportunity to take advantage of cyanotype photography/printmaking technique. Additionally I would like to include a specific local technique or visual references. “

I trust that clear, concise and confident proposal helped me to secure the residency. Also making the right judgment which residency might be realistic and suitable for my professional practice and the level of experience. It is going to be my first residency.