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I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to give an artist talk at my former foundation course, The Foundation in Art and Design at City Lit. The proposed outline was to describe the development of my practice and further education path to give students an idea of possible progress after the completion of the course. I regard my foundation course very highly, it allowed me to initially structure my practice and progress directly to the master course. My studies at City Lit were very inspiring, I wanted to make sure that my artist talk will have similar quality. It was a great opportunity to analyse and summarise my practice , and to practice my public speaking.

The preparation of the talk made me to look back at my practice and reflect upon it. It became clear to me that already during my time at City Lit I have made works that later proved top be significant to establishing themes in my practice - particularly “The winters gone by”, emotive painting touching on passing of time and loss. At the time however the works were made intuitively and spontaneously, the master degree allowed me to consciously develop ideas in my works. To present the development of my practice in the clearest way possible I decided on the chronological order of presentation, thus I have started with works done during my foundation degree.

I trust the presentation went well. Students seemed engaged and asked many questions as we went (which I clearly encouraged from the start). I had received fantastic feedback from the tutors, who said that it often takes many years for the artist to be as articulate about their practice as I was and they credited my master course for the clearance I have achieved, which I agree with. I was specifically complimented for keeping a live narrative rather then reading form notes or slides. The tutors at City Lit also particularly liked that when I came up to the slide with the artist statement I have asked the audience to read it for themselves rather than read it out loud for them.


Ad hoc one to one tutorials following the presentation.

The tutors were really impressed with my works and the presentation, so much that in the view that some students wanted to talk to me more I was asked if I could stay and do couple of one to one tutorials (as this was happening on the day), to which I naturally said “yes”. It was amazing experience to get to know their individual practices bit more. They were thrilled with references I suggested. I was particularly happy to be able to discuss the drill music and artists with one of the students, based on the lecture with Cedar Lewisohn that I have attended at The Wimbledon College of Art. There I definitely was in the position to contribute more then in situ tutors. The student felt validated and reassured in her practice learning that such subjects are discussed academically and investigated by other artists .