The Crypt - site specific work

To make works for the site specific exhibition in The Crypt, a gothic space beneath the church, I have taken into consideration the history of The Crypt, specifically the aspect of originally being a burial site, the remaining gravestone and their exact location, the character of the place and its spatial characteristics. Although I am primarily a painter I did not think that a painting would be the best site specific response. Therefore I have created another work outside my painterly practice, challenging myself conceptually and technically. I believe that skills applied here, such as research skills and ability to create site specific artwork are part of the professional showcase.

The work I have presented for The Crypt as site specific installation consisted of mirrored gravestones and sound piece and it’s been intended as “memento mori”. Three mirrors were placed on the site. The viewer is confronted with their reflection among the Victorian gravestones and they can hear excerpts from fiction books relating to time and passing, recorded by myself and played through speakers. To make the recording (new experience) I have chosen from my favourite reads : “ Angela Carter “The Wise Children”, Virginia Woolf “The Years”, Audrey Niffenegger “Her fearful symmetry”, Erin Morgenstern “Night Circus”, Hang Kan “The Vegetarian” and “The white book”, Hiromi Kawakami “Strange weather in Tokyo”, Amy Tan”The Kitchen God’s Wife”, Arundhati Roy “The God of small things”, Kirsty Logan “The Gracekeepers”. The title of my installation “the thousand points of silver” also comes from “The white book”.

The work has been planned specifically for this part of The Crypt that already has old gravestones placed in the passage . The sound was edited in Adobe Audition with intention to create an otherworldly feel to it, as well as to make it sound as if pronounced in the actual space.